Our Entrepreneurship Stage program abroad offers an important opportunity for personal and professional growth for those who want to become entrepreneurs, offering the opportunity to learn directly from the field by qualified companies and led by experienced managers.

To access the program you simply have to choose the country where you want to go abroad, set the duration and the professional field that best suits your skills.


You can take part in the program if you are a new entrepreneur if you are serious about starting a business based on a solid business venture or if you started a start-up over the last few years.

With this program you will have the opportunity to experience a job-training experience at a Small Business Enterprise (SME) in a foreign country participating in the program. This will help you successfully start your business or strengthen the foundation of the company you have recently established.

Not only: you will be able to face new markets, engage in international collaboration and exploit potential opportunities for cooperation with international partners.


Before you begin your internship, attend a language course of at least two weeks that you can choose from the different courses available in our catalog.

To participate in the project you must provide a complete CV, a recent photo and a letter of presentation of your business plan. It is necessary to book your participation with a minimum of 3 months in advance of the start date.