A study abroad, like an International Master, is always a rewarding experience because it combines the opportunity to pursue your study path and at the same time learn foreign language and in particular the vocabulary specific to your field of work .

The JimCouncil Study Consulting program allows you to access the best international masters worldwide.


It is a high-level qualification, after graduation. The Master’s degree obtained abroad corresponds to a 2nd degree in Italy, where an Italian Master’s degree has no international level.

An important advantage for the student’s future career.
JimCouncil’s Study Consulting program promotes a preparatory course for those who intend to pursue an International Master’s degree abroad.

The student who already knows the language can access the Master directly and take advantage of Study Consulting’s consulting and support, while others are advised to follow the course.


Our pre-academic program offers a structured training course to provide you with the right skills to access the chosen master courses.