March 2018 – March 2019

Teaching language: English


Country: ITALY

 Location: Rome – R. B. SCHOOL

 Duration: 1 year

Title: Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management

The Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management is the ideal choice for all those who wish to excel as human resources professionals in the international job market. It offers world class training, internships, professional and networking opportunities on a global scale.

Within the context of the globalization of markets and of competition, human resources are an ever more decisive factor of competitive advantage for both companies and non-profit organizations. With the progressive levelling of the fields of technological and process know-how, the individual is indeed the one true discriminating factor. Ultimately, the individual’s competencies, motivations, innovation capabilities and overall professional performance quality determine an organization’s success. From such a perspective, companies and institutions must equip themselves with experts capable of both fully understanding the central role of the individual and of overseeing the related managerial processes, such as: selection, hiring, training, communication, development and compensation.

On the other hand, modern human resources professionals cannot neglect the international dimension that all activities are increasingly taking on and must therefore be able, for example, to understand and handle global organizations’ diversity management dynamics and complexity profiles. Within this framework, the Rome Business School’s Master’s Degree course in International Human Resources Management is the ideal choice for all those who wish to excel as human resources professionals in the job market at the international level, providing all the necessary knowledge, operational competencies and professional and networking opportunities on a global scale.

Target Recipients

This Master’s Degree course is aimed at all those who are getting their first exposure to the world of human resources management or those who, although already operating in this sector, wish to acquire a more structured education and update their competencies. Typical profiles of individuals who may be interested in this course include, for instance:

graduates or undergraduates with no previous work experience or with a basic experience in the training and development of human resources or in psychology of the workplace; recruiters; trainers; coaches; professionals who operate in contexts other than human resources and who wish to develop a wider knowledge and understanding of human resources management or to transfer to jobs within this field; entrepreneurs who wish to acquire a well-structured education in human resources management.


CODE: MI04RB Price
Include: 1. Full-time €12.000
6 months in Rome: Lectures + Additional
Activities 2. Executive €5500
             6 months of project work
Study tours in Europe 3. Professional €3500
International paid internship opportunities
Company visits
Cultural program

The program is available, either on campus or online, in the following formulas:

  1. Full time (12 lecture hours per week)
  2. Executive (7 lecture hours per week)
  3. Professional (2 lecture hours per week)
  4. In house