March 2018 – March 2019

Teaching language: English


Country: ITALY

Location: Rome – R. B. SCHOOL

Duration: 1 year

 Title: Master in e-Health Management

E-Health is the combined use of information technology and electronic communication, especially the internet, in the health sector, for clinical, educational and administrative purposes; both on-site and at distance (in which case it is called Telemedicine).

E-Health is not only a technical development, but also represents a way of thinking, a commitment, an organizational approach to improve health care locally or regionally by using the new opportunities presented by Information and Communication Technology.

By means of e-Health and Telemedicine, a Healthcare Institution or Ministry can achieve:

more efficiency in health care: reducing costs by networking data and knowledge, avoiding duplication in diagnostic or therapeutic interventions, treating patients directly at home.

A higher quality of care: by networking the Health professionals’ knowledge, enabling comparisons, and involving the patients and care givers.

The empowerment of patients

The education of both physicians and patients about the management of pathologies.

More equity, for example by networking smaller hospitals with larger institutions and making virtual visits to remote areas.

In this scenario, it is crucial for a Manager to understand the potentiality, seize the opportunities, push and, above all, lead the e-Health and Telemedicine revolution in health care.

The Master’s Degree Course in e-Health Management has been designed to supply training on organizational processes and technologies aimed at the proper introduction and management of ICT solutions and Telemedicine in Health Systems.

Target recipients:

The Master’s Degree Course is designed for Directors and Managers of Healthcare Institutions, Directors and Managers of Social and Healthcare Ministries, healthcare Decision-Makers, Clinicians, Clinical Engineers.

Entry Requirements:

In order to ensure a top quality training course, attendance is limited to a maximum of 20 participants.


CODE: MI10RB Price
6 months of Lectures + Additional Activities
6 months of project work
Company visits
Cultural program
Tutoring € 4.500